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What Makes The Talent Oasis Different?

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Massive Network

1,000+ network of top finance firms looking to hire elite finance talent

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No Recruiters Allowed

Finance pros from our 300+ Mentor Team screen candidates. No more clueless headhunters.

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Private Searches

Most of the best jobs never get publicly listed anywhere. Tap into our massive network of hidden job openings by creating a profile.

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Unmatched Network and Access to Elite Jobs

With over 200,000 finance professionals across all of the top finance firms in the world as part of our network and over 20 million unique visitors every year, The Talent Oasis has access to some of the most lucrative and competitive positions in the world.

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We Invest in Our Candidates

If you land an in person interview through one of our formal search processes, we will give you a free hour of mentorship through Wall Street Mentors to help make sure you ace your interview and land your dream job ($199 value).

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No Recruiters Allowed

Your profile and experience will be vetted by finance professionals with relevant industry knowledge before you are passed on to any potential employers (always with your approval). No more recruiters with limited industry knowledge making critical decisions about your future.

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No Commission. No Bad Incentives

Sick of headhunters desperate for comissions? Our screeners and finance professionals are paid hourly, so they have no incentive to tell you about a job that isn't a great match or try and convince you to take a position. Not ready to jump? No pressure.

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Transparency at Every Step

If you land a phone screen with our team, we will always have the courtesy to tell you if you've moved onto the next stage (or not). These are competitive positions and only a small fraction of applicants make it through to a live interview. The difference is we will tell you as soon as a position is filled and keep you updated throughout the process.

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Initial group of applicants
collected and assessed.



Phone interview invite extended
to potential best matches.


Phone Conversation

Notified: ALL candidates from
phone interview stage.


Professional Screen

Notified: ALL candidates from
professional review stage.


Sent to Employer

Notified: ALL candidates from
employer stage.


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Job TitleIndustryCityApplyJob Type
IB Associate - Transportation & LogisticsInvestment BankingChicago/ClevelandApplyDirect Post from Company
IB Associate - Business ServicesInvestment BankingChicago/ClevelandApplyDirect Post from Company
WSO Alpha - Major Upside for Equity Research or HF AnalystEquity Research, Hedge Funds, Investment BankingRemoteApplyDirect Post from Company
Investment Banking AnalystInvestment BankingRemoteApplyDirect Post from Company
Investment Banking AnalystInvestment BankingRemoteApplyDirect Post from Company
Senior Financial AnalystHedge FundsSan FranciscoApplyDirect Post from Company
IB Analyst - TechnologyInvestment BankingBostonApplyDirect Post from Company
Experienced IB Analyst - GeneralistInvestment BankingBostonApplyDirect Post from Company
Business Development AssociateInvestment BankingNew YorkApplyDirect Post from Company
Business Development PE AssociatePrivate EquitySan Francisco Bay AreaApplyDirect Post from Company
PE Associate Private EquitySan Francisco Bay AreaApplyDirect Post from Company
PE Associate Private EquityBostonApplyDirect Post from Company
Acquisition Intern Private EquityLondonApplyDirect Post from Company
Investment Banking AssociateInvestment BankingCleveland/ChicagoApplyDirect Post from Company
IB Senior Analyst Investment BankingCleveland/ChicagoApplyDirect Post from Company
WSO Live Instructor (Part-time)Investment Banking, Private EquityRemoteApplyDirect Post from Company
Investment Analyst - Real EstateReal EstateMidwest /RemoteApplyDirect Post from Company