Preface: I've searched the forums and everything is fairly outdated.

Question: What are the best groups within Credit Suisse's IBD (New York) in terms of deal flow, exit opportunities, culture, etc. I'm leaving it pretty broad. I am interested in PE exit in the future, and I know they have a great Fin Sponsors group. However, if I needed backups, what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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People shit on DCM here, which is irritating, but CS' ABS group is very strong, especially in the esoteric space.

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M&A group is very good...


Agree M&A is one of the better groups at CS but I know their M&A had some major restructuring recently (lots of layoffs) after avoiding layoffs for a few years. You'll definitely learn the most in M&A.

Other good groups are industrials and LatAm. CS does more LatAm deals than any other bulge but its not a group to take if you are not from Brazil or other LatAm country .

Healthcare and real estate at CS are very weak and consumer/retail and FIG are so so. TMT (they combined tech and MT few years ago) used to be solid but not any more.

I think the power group in NY is pretty good and so is lev fin.


M&A, Sponsors, Industrials. FIG, TMT, used to be great but not sure at the moment. Healthcare actually doing well this year..

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