Full-time offer from Goldman Sachs Tech Div in NYC, and interview with Credit Suisse IBD in Singapore. Both sound very exciting, but I am leaning towards CS. What do the monkeys on this site think? I am particularly interested to hear from people that have moved between divisions or between banks.

- Grew up and lived in NYC -- it is the financial capital of the world
- Visited Singapore -- it is growing fast, a new experience, and exciting
- IBD is definitely more challenging and exciting than Tech
- My background is tech-focused, but I am interested in finance
- I know basic Chinese, which would be helpful in Singapore


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CS IBD. I've also heard that the move from BO-FO at GS is especially hard.

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Not sure about how good CS is in Singapore, but I would pick IBD anyway.


Pick IBD. Back office is a blackhole


The tech guys are incredibly smart people, so don't think it'll be an 'easier' route. I'd go with what you want to do in your life. Personally, IBD is super appealing so I'd pick that.


Two very different offers, go for the one you are most interested in. CS IBD will probably give you more mobility in the long run


Would do CS IBD in Singapore, myself. But admittedly would be apprehensive about being in an entirely new part of the world.


thanks guys


It all depends on what you wanna do. If you wanna do tech go for GS. If you wanna do IBD go with CS. I am unsure whether you actually have an offer from CS but if you do then it should be pretty clear based on career outlook.

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Location shouldn't matter.

Pick which area you are interested in more. I like IBD so I would pick IBD. But don't feel pressured based on what strangers are telling you to like. On this site you will get everyone answering IBD because nobody wants to work for tech on this site.

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