Lol y'all were trolled.

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Don't be self depreciating, being too smart is not a liability. Say you know that you've done well, and that's why you're here: so you can keep doing better. Self depreciation is sometimes seen as a fault. Hunger and drive never are.

"There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat."

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The SAT is a pretty good predictor of intelligence. Don't stress.
I would not expect a question from an employer about why 2390 rather than 2400. Tell 'em that you were focusing on school, because there is a near zero statistical difference between the two. Hell, if somebody asks you that, you probably don't even want to go work for them!

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They're fucking with you to see how you handle it; it's happened to me too. It's a good thing. Just say that you feel like you've done well in school but you've had time to do other things as well, blah blah blah. Don't let them box you in as a nerd.

As for the SAT, tell them you'd obviously prefer a 2400 but you were happy with the score when you got it. It's a great score, don't back down from it. But the conversation also isn't going to go anywhere that really helps you. Your interviewer is NOT actually interested in discussing a 10 point difference on your SAT. So answer politely, confidently, and let him switch to another topic.


Are you serious? If they ask why didn't you get a perfect score, they are making a joke. Yes it's a dumb one, but the best move is to just smile and chuckle and move on. Not try to rationalize why you only missed one question on the whole test.


I think if you're coming off as self-deprecating, it's almost as bad as being overconfident.

When I get questions like that I just say something to the effect of 'I worked hard and therefore, I achieved an excellent result.' Don't say any more than that or else you'll give them more ammunition.


Dude, they're joking.

Laugh. Smile. Nod.


Okay cool. I don't really mean "self-deprecating" so much as I mean try to stay humble and crack a joke or what not. I just try to show I'm normal and not a nerdy tool, and move on.


I'm just trying to say that 'normal' can = 'average' or nothing special.


Trying hard to troll, but receiving proper advice instead... Oh, the irony!

- If they are serious about the questions, it's to see how you react under pressure. Will you keep your cool, or not? Will you be overly defensive?
- If it's just a remark, then they're making a joke. This is a good sign.
- You're not too smart for IBD. There are 4.0 GPA, perfect SAT types in IBD. Anyway, IBD is a sales & execution job and intelligence/grades can only take you so far.
- Don't worry, your resume isn't too strong. You haven't mentioned any relevant internship experience or ECs. You need to work on this ASAP.


Just join a frat and get c's and d's in all your classes for a semester and you should be fine, bro.

"...all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

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- Don't worry, your resume isn't too strong. You haven't mentioned any relevant internship experience or ECs. You need to work on this ASAP.

Agreed and having the type of personality to think your resume is too good is a huge negative. I don't want some undergrad thinking he can do my job better than me just because he only missed one question on the SAT. 3-4 years out of college no one gives a shit about your grades/SAT score unless you're applying to b-school and then only the adcoms care about GPA.

These guys are just trying to make a joke, quit taking yourself so seriously.


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