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Abacus Capital Partners LLC is a financial advisory firm dedicated to creating value for mid-size technology ventures and private equity firms. Our partners all have a wealth of experience in the technology sector. Drawing on this experience and using our specific methodologies, we assist in mergers, acquisitions, raising capital and strategic counsel.

The Technology Challenge

In this challenging market, technology companies need the perspective of outside advisors who have encountered the challenges and pitfalls of running enterprises ranging from large publicly-traded firms to startups. Some of the most critical are:

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances: What are the proper criteria for finding suitable acquisition targets? If you're selling your business, how do create the most value for shareholders? Given the right criteria, how do you find good opportunities? How do you avoid unpleasant surprises post-acquisition? Who are the right strategic partners for your business?
Financing: What financing strategy should you pursue and how should you implement it? What are the risks and opportunities associated with debt versus equity financing? Is public or private financing best for your company? On what key terms should you focus? What are the tradeoffs between institutional and angel investors?
Business Strategy:What are the key strategic challenges you should focus on now? How do you ramp sales in this challenging environment? What product development process should you put in place to respond to customer demand? Are their strategic alliances which could catapult your company to a higher level?
The leaders of a technology company must address these and countless other decisions daily. Whether you are a technology entrepreneur or an executive of an established technology firm, the Abacus team can provide perspective and propose alternatives that can help your company make the right strategic decisions, building a strong foundation for future growth.

How We Serve You
Abacus consists of a team of experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records in operations, M&A, equity and debt financing, turnarounds and corporate strategy. As your Financial Advisor, Abacus can help your business achieve its greatest objectives through assistance in:

Mergers and acquisitions
Recruiting senior executives
Developing sales tools and strategies
Providing strategic counsel, typically by serving on the company’s Advisory Board or Board of Directors
Our partners have helped dozens of companies achieve their objectives.
Let us help you grow your company to its full potential.


55 Thankful Stow Road, 06437 CT
United States

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