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AVC is a specialty Private Equity/Venture Capital firm catering for a niche investor and business clientele.

Institutional investors, Fund Managers, Family offices and accredited high net worth investors who need exceptional returns on their investments are invited to explore the fast growing wealth potential in Asia.

Asian countries have begun to take notice of Private Equity as a powerful stimulator of economic activity and growth and special tax benefits are available for private equity funds that operate in the region.

Your in-house financier, personal coach, strategic business advisor and gateway to a global network of buyers.

AVC works with business owners who are not moving forward or growing fast enough due to internal obstacles, lack of funds or any other reasons or factors.

If you need the funds, advice and support, AVC can help accelerate the growth of your firm and maximize it's potential to become a highly successful and profitable world-class business.



9, Jalan 12/21A
Petaling Jaya

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Abundance Venture Capital

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