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Accretive is a unique private equity firm with a distinctive track record of helping create industry-leading companies. We have a fundamental belief that to be successful we must help CREATE value. We focus on a small number of very high quality situations each year. In addition to the assistance and guidance of a typical private equity firm we are unusual in that we have deep knowledge of what is required to profitably grow each investment we make. Our view is that this does not come from experience (although it helps) it comes from a commitment to thoroughly understand the fundamentals of each individual situation. We spend months, and in many cases years, researching a particular customer pain point to develop the two major pillars of our strategy.
Understanding in detail how to create significant value for customers – over and above their next best alternative. This value needs to have a clear impact on the customer's P&L and must be demonstrable to even the most cynical buyer. Our objective is to understand this value equation well enough that our companies should be prepared to guarantee this value to the customer.
Understanding the critical core competencies required to grow a company that consistently delivers this value for customers and to identify the best executives with those competencies.
We take a long-term approach that commits significant time to each investment and combines our deep understanding of the fundamentals with strong partnerships with customers and management to consistently help create value.



(646) 282-3138
51 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010
United States

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