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Aerostar Capital helps to build more successful aerospace suppliers by making significant venture capital or private equity investments in "middle market" businesses that serve the commercial aviation, space, and/or defense markets around the world. Aerostar co-invests with some of the largest private equity fund sponsors with aerospace experience, including JP Morgan Partners and The Carlyle Group. More than a dozen investments have been completed since 1997 with a combined transaction value exceeding $4 billion. Ideal investment candidates will have annual revenues over $50 million, a clearly focused growth strategy, experienced management, and excellent customer relations.


BROAD INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE - Aerostar Capital co-invests with some of the world's largest and most experienced private equity funds. Previous investment partners include JP Morgan Partners, a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase, and The Carlyle Group. JP Morgan Partners has made more than 1800 investments since its inception in 1984, including a number of aerospace companies. The Carlyle Group also has extensive investment experience with a major focus on aerospace and defense companies. In addition, Aerostar works with other private equity funds that offer similar financial resources and investment expertise.

DEEP AEROSPACE MARKET KNOWLEDGE - Bob Paulson, the CEO of Aerostar Capital, has served the aerospace industry for over 35 years. His relevant experience includes leadership of McKinsey & Company's global aerospace consulting practice, service in the US Army and Department of Defense - Systems Analysis, extensive M&A and investment experience, significant board-level roles, and public leadership on various aerospace industry policy issues.


590 Sandhill Crane Road, Box 1270, 83014-1270 WY
United States

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