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Agilent Ventures is no longer investing. It is the venture capital arm of Agilent Technologies Inc. specializing in early stage and start-up investments in private companies. The firm focuses its investments on wireline/optical communications, wireless communications, and life sciences. Within the wireline/optical sector, it focuses on optical components and subsystems, high-speed ICs, packaging and manufacturing technology, embedded measurement, and OSS. The firm's wireless communications investments include WLAN components and test, embedded measurement, mobile appliance RF components, system design for manufacturing, and OSS. Within the life sciences sector, it focuses on instruments, consumables and reagents, and informatics for genomics and proteomics applications. The firm typically invests between $1 million and $5 million per funding round in each company and its maximum investment per company is around $10 million. It typically invests up to $100 million per year. The firm is generally not the lead investor and prefers to partner with venture capital firms in typically the "B" round of investing. Agilent Ventures was founded in June 2000 and is located in Santa Clara, California.



5301 Stevens Creek Blvd Santa Clara CA
Santa Clara, CA 95051
United States

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Agilent Technologies

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