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Alliance Holdings was founded and the Alliance Holdings ESOP was adopted in 1995. The Alliance Holdings ESOP owns all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Alliance Holdings. As a result of our teaming with exceptional companies from across the country, the Alliance Holdings ESOP has grown to be one of the largest in the United States. Management of Alliance Holdings believes in employee ownership and that the value of employee ownership can be maximized through the use of a diversified holding company structure with the holding company, rather than the individual operating companies, acting as the sponsor of the ESOP.

This structure diversifies participants’ retirement benefits and shifts fiduciary responsibilities and ESOP administrative functions from the operating company to Alliance Holdings. Our structure affords management of the operating company the ability to focus on running their company and maximizing its value.


1021 Old York Road, 3rd Floor , 19001 PA
United States

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Year 2018
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Group/Division Generalist
Location Columbus
Experience Very Positive
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