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Amba offers a wide range of research and analytics support services to global financial institutions. We have over 80 clients, including some of the world’s largest asset managers, investment banks, brokerages, insurance, and alternative investment firms. 6 of the top 15 global asset managers, 7 of the top 15 global investment banks, and 7 of the top 15 alternative investment firms use Amba’s services to differentiate and outperform.

Amba Research was founded in 2003 by senior directors of research from Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and JPMorgan. Our research and analytics support services span global equities, fixed income/credit, quantitative research, insurance analytics, business research, and fund sales and marketing. Amba's delivery centers are present in Bangalore (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka), and San Jose (Costa Rica) offer 24-hour coverage to our clients. In addition, our sales offices in London and New York allow our clients to interact with their account managers on a real-time basis.

We have invested heavily in our research delivery process, which is backed by a world-class training and knowledge management program. Amba is the only investment research support provider with an analyst training program approved by the CFA Institute. Our quality, along with Wall Street-standard compliance policies and information security standards, ensure delivery excellence while providing significant cost savings to our customers.


355 Lexington Avenue, 10017 NY
United States

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