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Applied Economics LLC ("Applied Economics") is a leading financial advisory firm specializing in corporate finance and business valuation. Our firm assists publicly traded, middle market and privately-held companies, attorneys, certified public accountants, and private equity groups with a variety of valuation related issues. Our clients range from family businesses and growth stage technology companies to Fortune 100 multi-national organizations. Founded in 1998, Applied Economics provides our clients with technical expertise and world-class client service.
At Applied Economics, providing professional services means more than crunching numbers, it means providing accessible, understanding, and experienced professionals. In fact, our financial expertise is often why our firm is chosen for an engagement, but it is our commitment to client service and building lasting relationships with our clients and their advisors that differentiates us from other firms.



1170 Peachtree Street
Suite 525
Atlanta, GA 30309
United States

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Applied Economics

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