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As a premier trading organization, Archelon appreciates the value of smart investment because we know it's the only way to ensure strong results. And we apply this concept to the operation of our entire organization by using our resources to reinforce the success of our company and our teams.

What "Archelon" Means-and What It Means to Us:
From Archelon:

Archelon (pronounced ark-i-lon), a large species of ancient sea turtle, lived approximately 65 to 75 million years ago and its name translates to "ruler of the sea." We admire this fascinating creature as an enduring symbol of strength, adaptability, and perseverance, and feel that it reflects our commitment to these important qualities.

We apply our trading and technology expertise to maximize profits in world markets. We create a dynamic work environment where people are rewarded for performance, innovation, and risk management.

Archelon is a team of extraordinary people and is clearly recognized as a trading industry leader.

Our actions are guided by the principles that have brought us lasting success: integrity, honesty, innovation, entrepreneurialism, mentoring and talent development, collaboration, and industry participation and contribution.



200 S. Wacker, 24th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
United States

Reuterweg 16
Fankfurter Welle
60323 Frankfurt

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