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Argonaut Management, L.P. is a longer term, thematic, discretionary global macro investment manager with an uncorrelated, profitable return profile and an unyielding risk management process as an overlay.

The firm is registered with the SEC, has a robust infrastructure, a deep investment team, and unyielding risk management. As well, the firm has strong drawdown and recovery statistics, is uncorrelated to its peer groups and all major indices, and has no down years.

The firm seeks to generate high, risk-controlled returns by investing in currencies, commodities, fixed income instruments and equity index futures (this firm does not trade individual stocks). Analysis of macro-economic data, central bank policy and market expectations are employed to form a top-down view of the world. That view is then cross-filtered with primary research on a micro level to identify investment prospects that are not fully reflected in market prices. Once identified, the position/portfolio is structured accordingly, and multiple asset classes are used to express the firm's macro view. Risk management is separated from portfolio management/construction and strict risk measurement limits are employed, including daily VaR, leverage limits, asset allocation exposure, and concentration limits. The firm also employs a strict portfolio wide drawdown limit, trades in only the most liquid securities, and stress tests the portfolio daily.



New York
546 Fifth Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, 10036
United States

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