Investment Banking Intern

Group/Division/Type: Mergers and Acquisitions

United Kingdom

Interviewed: May 2016

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Less than 1 month

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1 on 1 Interview
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-First, I had a Skype personal interview with the Group's HR. Questions ranging from Walk me through your resume and tell me about a group project you were involved in, to strength and weaknesses and why Investment Banking (and specifically M&A).
-After two weeks, I receive a phone call where the HR of Banca IMI, the Investment Bank of the Group, wanted to see me and hold the technical interview.
-I see the HR and, after the same questions and answers, I have a 3-hour technical interview with one associate and one analyst, one associate and the MD (each turn last approx. one hour)
-Questions of the technical interview: 1st round -> 1) Tell me your story; 2) How to calculate EV (very in-depth); 3) What is Minority Interest; 4) LBO model; 5) Three levers to increase exit EV in LBO; 6) what's a DCF; 7) how to normalize free cash flow; 8) 9) Why should we hire you; 10) how the market is doing; 11) brainteaser; 2nd round -> 1) tell me your story; 2) what's a DCF; 3) difference between trading and transaction multiples; 4) M&A model; 5) accounting questions; 6) brainteaser; 3rd round -> 1) tell me your story; 2) how to value a machinery company

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