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BDC Venture Capital has more than $1 billion under management and almost 30 years' experience in helping Canadian entrepreneurs realize the full potential of their ideas-for themselves and for their backers. BDC Venture Capital is the largest and most active early-stage, high-growth potential technology venture investor in Canada, working with promising entrepreneurs and private sector investors.

Typically BDC Venture Capital invests as part of a syndicate either as lead, co‑lead or follower. Initial direct venture investments usually range from $250,000 to $3,000,000 and are part of a financing round that may range from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000. Often, BDC Venture Capital will seek representation on the Board of Directors of investee companies, and sound governance practices are encouraged through the creation of a strong and well-balanced Board of Directors. BDC Venture Capital never owns more than 49% of a company's shares.

BDC Venture Capital focuses on Canadian tech companies that are commercialising new ideas through three highly-focused funds in the IT, energy/cleantech and healthcare sectors.

  • The Fund of Funds group develops and attracts a pool of top-tier private sector fund managers, who are in turn investing in Canadian technology.
  • The Strategic Investments and Partnerships group supports startups and helps to fill a gap in seed funding with an accelerator strategy and convertible note program. This group also invests in non-traditional, emerging venture models, often with first-time teams who may not yet have a proven track record working together. This support provides these new teams and startups with much needed institutional validation.
  • BDC Venture Capital also works closely with the Government of Canada to deploy $400 million of capital through the Venture Capital Action Plan (VCAP), working closely with our partners in the private sector.
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    Business Development Bank of Canada Head Office
    5, Place Ville Marie, Suite 400
    Montreal QC H3B 5E7

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