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Benford Capital Partners is a Chicago-based private equity investment firm exclusively focused on leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations of smaller, lower middle market companies. We invest in niche manufacturers, unique service companies and specialty distributors with revenues of at least $3 million.

We buy and build smaller, niche businesses that fall outside the investment parameters of many professional investors due to varying factors including their smaller size, an Owner / Operator transition, or a need for "hands-on" management for a period of time. Our transactions provide liquidity for owners, capital for growth and acquisitions, and a path to significant equity appreciation for management.

Benford Capital seeks to partner with strong, experienced operators who understand the nuances of successfully operating a business in a given industry niche. We also invest in transactions where owners wish to sell and retire. These transitions are carefully planned to put a business in the best position to achieve long-term success.

Benford Capital is experienced with the unique market, business, cultural, and, at times, family issues that smaller companies face. Transactions are flexible and structured to meet the specific financial, legal and tax objectives of shareholders and management.

We strongly believe in a collaborative approach to building long-term value, with day-to-day decisions left to management. Toward that end, we take an active role at the Board of Directors level, focusing on growth opportunities, acquisitions, recruiting, strategy and financing. In situations involving Owner/Operator transitions, we often will draw upon our relationships with experienced outside managers seeking to take an active full-time role in a company.

We have a long-term investment perspective and believe that the best companies are built over time. Our typical investment period is between five and 10 years, but we have the flexibility to invest for either shorter or longer durations.


One North Franklin , Suite 3310, 60606 IL
United States

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Benford Capital Partners Interview Questions

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1st Year Analyst
Year 2020
Job Title 1st Year Analyst
Group/Division Investment Banking
Location New york