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Blackmore Partners, a private equity intermediary, provides innovative advising and consulting which focuses on providing solutions to industry-leading executives or management teams, looking either to build, or to purchase, a middle market company (MMC). We have extensive experience in bringing together high-level managerial and entrepreneurial leaders with MMCs, along with institutional capital for financing their acquisition. Blackmore will co-invest along side executives via our PECO fund. Gerald O'Dwyer is a co-founder of the $170M PECO Co-investment Fund and is proud to invest with PECO's proprietary team of M&A intermediary partners, high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors to facilitate deals being completed.

Our solutions have both advanced the objectives of owners looking to sell an MMC, the objectives of executives & management teams looking to purchase or buyout their own MMC (or division), and the objectives of investment institutions which seek private equity or buyout investments in solid growth MMCs with motivated management teams.

Blackmore has developed several strategies to assist experienced and proven executives in preparing for purchasing a company or division, identifying experienced senior management figures for investors (or teams) to entrust their operating company investments, and in partnering with institutional capital in building companies. We have built a diversified and extensive network to identify executives interested in: (1) buying a company or division they work for, (2) acquiring a company they have identified in their industry, or (3) seeking to purchase a company in a specific industry. We recognize that, in order to drive a successful leveraged buyout (LBO), management buyout (MBO), or merger and acquisition (M&A), it is essential to put in place an outstanding and experienced management team, in addition to an appropriate capital structure and an attractive and compelling business strategy.

Blackmore works with exceptional, experienced, proven executives to assist them in selecting the right opportunity which will allow them to deploy their unique experience in creating value in the purchase and operation of an MMC in their industry. Blackmore Partners is paid by private equity, so there are no charges to executives. When executed effectively, the result is an experienced senior executive (or management team) aligned with the investment goals of the private equity investor, institutional lender, or strategic investor seeking our guidance.

In order to expand our service offerings, we have established strategic alliances with an investment banking firm and with several private equity firms, which permits us to deploy our resources, talent, and experience to facilitate transactions more efficiently and rapidly. These strategic alliances offer to our clients the resources in M&A advisory, raising private and public equity and debt, valuation, and fairness opinions that are required to execute their business plans. Our ability to put these resources to use early in the transaction process is a significant competitive advantage for our clients, increasing the odds of closing a successful transaction for all parties.



(312) 275-8787
Chicago Office
4802 N. Broadway
Suite 208
Chicago, IL 60640
United States

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