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Bluefish Capital is a highly specialized boutique venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to exploit disruptive innovations and create market-transforming businesses. Since its founding in 2005, Bluefish has focused its investments in the data analytics space, widely defined. This focus is an outgrowth of the experience and background of its founders, all of whom are either ex-strategy consultants or have held senior positions in information management.
Data analytics is a fast growing niche oriented sector with enormous value creation potential – both for investors as well as for organizations that use data to guide decision-making. Over the last twenty years, available sources of data have grown exponentially, offering users the potential to evaluate their businesses or business opportunities in ways that were never possible before. But with this massive increase in data and data sources has come the need to synthesize and process information in a way that makes it useful and immediately actionable to client organizations. This process of data synthesis is the secret sauce that allows most data analytics companies the opportunity to create sustainable competitive advantage. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of these ventures in virtually every industry. Bluefish is focused on finding the best ones and helping them energize their growth potential through investment of money and expertise.
The data analytics space also fits a fast moving and high alpha investing philosophy of Bluefish. Most data analytics companies require less than $3 million of capital and less than two years of management time to reach a point where their business models can be proven or not. Most also have subscription-based revenue models which, if successful, provide impressive valuations against modest investment. This combination allows Bluefish tremendous scope and leverage in pursuing investments in multiple areas of the data analytics space. It also makes Bluefish a highly unique player in the venture capital world.



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