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Since 1995, Brook Venture Partners has invested in or acquired controlling interest in over 40 expansion stage companies in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic US. We are focused on profitable companies in the Information Technology and Healthcare IT sectors, with initial investments typically under $10 million.

We are currently investing from both Brook Venture Fund II, a $100 million fund, and Brook Partner Fund III which is focused on acquisitions and majority investments.

Brook II’s investors include family offices and institutional investors such as TD Bank, State Street Bank, Merrill Lynch and states including Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine.

We provide financing to profitable, expansion stage companies. Investment dollars are targeted to support the accelerated business development and sales growth of portfolio companies – effectively scaling an already proven model to help these companies capitalize on their respective market opportunities. We act as lead investor and play an active role in building strong, outside-dominated boards where investors and industry experts add significant value. Our team is highly focused on sales & marketing acceleration and works with the portfolio companies to maximize lead generation, sales conversion rates and overall sales and marketing activity. Beginning at the time of investment Brook works with management teams to build portfolio companies toward exit.


301 Edgewater Place (4th Floor) , 01880 MA
United States

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1st Year Analyst
Year 2020
Job Title 1st Year Analyst
Group/Division Generalist
Location Miami