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Founded in 1979, BTS has been one of the nation’s premier third party money managers, providing risk management solutions for all investors. BTS was founded on the belief that every investor should have the opportunity to receive a level of investment advice that is traditionally only available to the largest of institutions. We believe that many investors are looking for an alternative to traditional buy and hold strategies. BTS takes a capital preservation approach seeking to deliver consistent, steady returns over the long haul, while mitigating downside risk to the extent possible. BTS gives you the flexibility to choose an investment approach that matches your personal goals and preferences. BTS offers a variety of fee-based investment solutions—all seeking to:

-Produce higher investment returns than a traditional “buy and hold” strategy
-Preserve capital during market declines
-Reduce downside investment volatility to manage for a positive “sequence of returns”
-Produce strong compounded investment returns over time
-BTS manages over $2 billion in individual, corporate, and pension accounts and works with over 2,500 financial professionals. BTS has a track record spanning over 3 decades, providing advisors and clients alike with the experience and service of an established money manager.


420 Bedford Street , 02420 MA
United States

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