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CAG provides the highest quality transaction advisory services. We specialize in advising on all types of private equity transactions, particularly those, such as mergers and acquisitions (M & A) and financings for development.

Also provide a wide range of other services in the area of ​​investment banking, which includes sales of companies listed on the public market, management buyouts, leveraged buyouts and related transactions in the real estate market.

Do not focus on any selected industry or market - we believe are universal trading skills. We offer our customers outstanding experience, the full commitment of the whole team in ongoing projects and the highest level of confidentiality and ethics.

Our clients are the funds of private equity , which can help you exit the investment and entrepreneurs looking for financial or strategic investors. We are proud of the confidence that we have for and from the fact that many of them we were able to advise on a number of different transactions.


ksiazeca 4, Warsaw

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