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Capstone Advisory Partners, Inc. is a boutique investment bank and private investment firm focused on progressive private capital transactions. Capstone focuses on two areas:

1) Advisory Services
2) Principal Investments

Investment Banking Advisory Services:
Capstone provides investment banking advisory services and will advise on private capital raising activities, achieving liquidity for investors in privately-held companies and mergers & acquisitions (both seller and buyer representation). Capstone leverages strategic, transactional and operational expertise, along with capital markets and industry knowledge, in order to achieve the best possible outcome in regards to valuation, deal terms and non-financial goals. Capstone also provides educational offerings to help business owners and deal sponsors understand the full spectrum of capital raising, liquidity and merger & acquisition options and the related considerations of each alternative.

Private Capital Raises
Private Stock Sales / Liquidity Services For Shareholders In Privately-Held Companies
Mergers & Acquisitions (Seller and Buyer representation)
Principal Investments:
On select occasions, Capstone invests directly in smaller, profitable privately-held businesses that are typically owned by the founders. Capstone takes on an advisory role to create significant value through strategic and operational improvements, along with customized financing activities – and manages the investment from origination to exit. Capstone typically syndicates each investment and offers these direct investment opportunities to qualified investors, such as high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

Principal Investments
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