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2020 1st Year Analyst New York City Investor Relations The company has a great culture, and I continue to come… This is more of something that you need to expect going…
2020 1st Year Analyst Washington Investor Relations The company has a great culture, and I continue to come… This is more of something that you need to expect going…
2020 3rd+ Year Associate London Private Equity Good deal flow with credibility with sellers in processes.… Career progression is slow relative to peers, with a large…
2020 3rd+ Year Associate New York Real Estate You get to work on large, high-profile deals everyday. You… When it rains it pours. When things are not going as they…
2020 1st Year Analyst New York Investor Relations Big company with resources and brand name. It's… Big company comes with bureaucracy. All the segments are…
2019 Operations Analyst Miami Investment Research Flexible work environment, small team with close-knit… Chronic undercompensation versus peers. Management believes…
2020 Accountant Washington Real Estate Great company with a lot of resources. Great mentorship… The training program for this position basically doesn…
2-Year Staff Accountant - Private Equity Washington Great team willing to teach you everything. Very… Honestly none at this point. Can't access the office…
2020 1st Year Analyst Shanghai Generalist Pretty good culture, tight team with large office space.… Very, very understaffed. Need to hire more analysts &…
2020 Accountant Washington Private Equity Better location. All public accounting firms in DC are out… Definitely going to deal with the fact that I am not the…
2019 2nd Year Associate New York Healthcare Great exposure to management teams, travel, diligence… Requires MBA from Harvard, Stanford or Wharton for internal…
2020 2nd Year Associate Washington Real Estate Amazing place to work - solid culture, no egos. Brilliant… Workload can be a lot at times (comes with the territory in…
2019 1st Year Associate New York Private Equity Work with smart people, great brand name, access to… Long hours, high pressure, demanding and intense work…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Johannesburg Generalist Very interesting deal flow, very competent team. Small team… Fund was towards the end of life by the time I got there so…
2015 2nd Year Associate Washington Generalist Strong platform that supports associates and provides… Can be a bit bureaucratic given the size of the overall…
2019 3rd+ Year Analyst South Florida Capital Markets Interesting field that frequently makes headline news,… Isolation to aerospace and defense names, secured debt, no…
2018 1st Year Analyst Washington Oil & Gas Strong work life balance, access to large and complex deals… Poor compensation, little opportunity for advancement,…
2019 Accountant Washington Accounting -Compensation is competitive, and year-end bonus is… -High expectations can be difficult to manage -Long working…
2019 1st Year Associate Washington Real Estate Great pay. Good Team. Great company that only promotes… Cutthroat. Long hours. Terrible work/life balance.…
2017 2nd Year Analyst Beijing Generalist Great resources, travel benefits and deal exposure. The… Feels like working for an investment bank, very paper work…
2015 2nd Year Associate Washington Other Great firm, great people and really solid all around… Large firm, so can be a bit bureaucratic. Comes with the…
2018 Accountant Washington N/A I have been treated very well and have enjoyed my time here… My main issue is lack of agency and the location of HQ. Can…
2018 Accountant Washington Financial Services Well known company name that should be helpful in the… There are long work hours ahead, especially in the busy…
2017 1st Year Analyst New York Structured Products FSR Good people, good comp, good work. highly recommended for… None as of now. Obviously it is not a 9-5 company but…


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