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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2020 Intern Providence Real Estate Very good leadership and company culture. Many great… Pay is a bit low. Expected to stay longer hours to get work…
2020 1st Year Associate Pune Real Estate 1. Challenging mandates and hence better exposure to real… 1. Very few cons, lack of transparency in terms of location…
2020 3rd+ Year Analyst Toronto Generalist Overall culture and experience was good. I enjoyed my time… Wish that the management team would share their strategy…
2019 1st Year Analyst Houston Debt Capital Markets Comp was extremely good for first year
Great culture…
Longish hours
Not very fulfilling work
2018 Intern new york Real Estate 1. Low Stress
2. Can learn a lot from engineers in…
1. Not many tasks given to interns
2. Lacking team…
2020 Intern Boston Real Estate Structured Program. Great experience for someone very new… At times felt more corporate than real estate. Workload is…
2019 2nd Year Analyst Dallas Prime Brokerage Good experience but they treat you poorly. It’s a place you… Good experience and you learn who the big players are in…
2019 Intern Toronto N/A - Great people with a nice attitude. Willing to teach and… - Can be very demanding at times (weekend work was not…
2019 1st Year Analyst Portland Real Estate Team is pretty solid but the pandemic has affected things.… Pandemic has cut deal-flow dramatically, however, there…
2020 Intern Boston Real Estate Lot of cool people work here, great for social individuals… Less client-facing than leasing brokerage; takes longer to…
2020 Intern Boston Real Estate -Easy to talk to and get advice from any level professional… Intern hourly pay is relatively low compared to normal co-…
2019 1st Year Analyst sydney Investment Banking actually pretty happy, i really enjoy the work that I am… i feel like sometimes the work might be a bit overwhelming…
2020 Intern Philadelphia Real Estate I enjoyed my team overall. You have to look at brokerage in… As an intern, my pay comp was low ($10.60 an hour). But…
2020 Intern Philadelphia Capital Markets Overall i liked this company because i fit into the culture… The work was demanding and I felt underpaid. I think that…
2019 1st Year Analyst Seattle Real Estate Great collegial atmostphere. Team environment with… Base comp is good but lack of benefits is tough. You eat…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Los Angeles Real Estate Loved working here. I worked part-time with a nationwide… There were definitely times where I was doing pretty…
2019 Intern Kyiv Real Estate Very friendly and supportive atmosphere. Greetings from… The boss was demanding sometimes and annoying. However the…
2019 Vice President New York Real Estate The company has a very collaborative work culture, and is… Lack of cohesion between various groups, which results in…
2019 Other Atlanta Real Estate I work in project management 100% dedicated to a client. I… Because I'm 100% client based, I have close to no…
2019 3rd+ Year Analyst Seattle Real Estate Some flexibility with schedule and work from home
Office politics, drama and CYA
Some brokers had big…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Dallas Real Estate Great networking opportunities, awesome for resume building… Realistically not going to hire interns, cut throat,…
2019 Intern Newport Beach Real Estate Learned a lot about valuation and general real estate… Very repetitive and boring, you pretty much learn…
2017 Intern Nashville Brokerage Overall a good experience, fairly formal internship program… No glaring cons really, perhaps a little more direct…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Los Angeles Real Estate Beautiful office, great perks such as catering and fun… Long hours depending on what team you are on and no…


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