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Charlotte Capital are leading business consultants and investment bankers based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide action oriented operational expertise and financial advisory services for business owners. Our hands-on value added approach provides innovative and flexible solutions to smaller, lower middle market companies with typically under $50 million in annual revenues.

Charlotte Capital was founded to provide smaller, lower middle market business owners with strategic guidance and trustworthy advice in Strategy, Finance, CFO Services and Investment Banking. Charlotte Capital advises ownership and acts as an integral part of the management team as business consultants and investment bankers (business brokers). Our mission is to strengthen businesses, foster growth and increase shareholder value; allowing entrepreneurs to realize their full potential when they own and ultimately exit their businesses through a business sale or strategic partnership.

Charlotte Capital acts as strategic business consultants and investment bankers to companies with a proven business model, defensible market position or niche, high growth or growth potential, experiencing a crisis or change, and companies that plan on a strategic investment banking transaction, such as, a capital raising event, buyout of retiring owner or majority/minority shareholder, management buyout, generational transfer in a family business, recapitalization of existing ownership/management with private equity, or a sale to a strategic acquirer.


PO Box 481312, 28269 NC
United States

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Charlotte Capital Interview Questions

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Year 2015
Job Title Intern
Group/Division Asset Management
Location Charlotte
Very Positive