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CSA Capital Partners provides its investors with actively managed alternative investment opportunities in commercial real estate markets. CSA Capital Partners is the investment arm of CSA Realty Group, a minority owned business founded by Juan G. Creixell in 1987, and one of the premier names of commercial real estate in central Texas.

The CSA Capital Partners Fund seeks to invest opportunistically across office, retail, industrial, and commercial real estate property types exclusively in the state of Texas with a central Texas focus. The Fund intends to capitalize on its smaller fund size, niche market geography, and current economic environment.

The team at CSA Capital Partners is committed to key investment principles through real estate market cycles with an intense focus on value creation, Asset Management, and utilization of prudent capital structures and leverage ratios. The Fund's investments benefit from the resources, relationships and proprietary information of the entire CSA organization. CSA has historically generated proprietary deal flow from its strong network within the commercial real estate market. The Fund intends to benefit from the macro and micro knowledge found at CSA while also leveraging the experience acquired from CSA’s history.


8305 Shoal Creek, 78757 TX
United States

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CSA Capital Partners Interview Questions

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1st Year Analyst
Year 2018
Job Title 1st Year Analyst
Group/Division Generalist
Location Miami
Very Easy