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Cypress Associates is a trusted provider of innovative solutions that help employers/brokers substantially increase and enhance the benefit package they deliver to their employees/clients. We have developed powerful, collaborative relationships with some of the nation’s largest, most trusted insurance carriers, allowing us to provide a broad range of high quality benefits at the lowest possible cost. Working together with our partnered carriers and agents, we lower a company’s expenses and help them comply with government healthcare regulations. Our core approach begins with a wellness insurance program that assists employees in gradually changing their behaviors in an effort to manage their health. Our HealthQuest online game is designed to serve as a fun, interactive tool for employees, and their families, on their journey to better physical, financial and psychological health. By utilizing available tax savings, we are able to fill in the considerable gaps in traditional major medical plans, greatly limiting their employees’ out of pocket exposure without negatively affecting their paycheck.

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Cypress Associates LLC

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