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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2020 Intern New York City N/A - lot of resources dedicated to interns
- lot of…
- employees didn't really feel passionate about their…
2020 Intern New York Human Resources Definitely one of the most interesting companies to work at… The impact that you make is very team limited and the work…
2020 2nd Year Analyst Hyderabad Equities The perks are good. Regular parties and trips. The office… Work-life balance is not that good. The promotion is…
2015 Intern New York Generalist * Very smart and talented co-workers
* Company…
* I had very little visibility into what the other teams…
2020 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist DESCO has a great collegiate atmosphere, opportunities for… As is the norm, work life balance is non-existent but this…
2020 Quant New York Quantitative Research nothing to say since haven't started yet… nothing to say since haven't started yet…
2016 1st Year Analyst New York Trading Generally good quality of life. Lots of interesting work.… It's definitely a grind. Lots of long nights,…
2019 Intern New York Prop Trading Great culture, recruiters are all really nice people who… None that I can tell so far, perhaps that culture may be…
2019 1st Year Associate New York Generalist Great compensation, great benefits, conscientious… I'm just starting out, but at this point, I have…
2019 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist Great place to end up working, especially out of school.… Extremely hectic at most times, but this is very similiar…
2019 Quant New York, NY, USA Investment Management Very smart colleagues
Academic culture with…
SIlo-ed environment, limited interaction between groups…
2018 Intern New York Equity Hedge People are really intelligent, friendly and considerate.… Few interactions outside of work; not exactly collegial.…
2019 Intern New York Hedge Fund great perks, good people, very friendly culture. throw… can be super individualistic and generally more handholding…
2019 Student / Prospective Monkey New York Generalist Great company culture, intellectually stimulating… Culture is not traditional finance firm kind of culture so…
2019 Intern Hong Kong Investment Research high pay for intern (higher than many IBD interns)
too tech focused and the company is getting more and more…
2018 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist Smart people but the quality of people varies from very… Quality of people varies and WLB is highly dependent on who…
2018 3rd+ Year Analyst New York Generalist Overall this is a great place to work with a strong culture… Each group at firm is fairly sheltered from the other, and…
2018 Quant New York Quantitative Research Smart people, good compensation, great culture, great perks… long working hours, percentage of young people is…
2018 Intern New York Quantitative Research The work was challenging and interesting.
The intern…
The manager was quite unhelpful. No feedback given or clear…
2013 Intern New York Trading Projects were generally interesting. Not exactly related to… Some of the activities organized for interns, including a…
2017 Developer New York, NY, USA N/A Good working hours and perks. Relaxed work environment.… There is less flexibility for people to change teams or…
2018 1st Year Associate New York Hedge Fund A very good company. Good reputation. Good pay. Good people… Do not have anything to complain yet. Overall it is a good…
2014 Intern New York Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO) Pretty relaxed environment, good snacks, coworkers eager to… Not a lot of opportunity to make real impact, but that…
2016 Student / Prospective Monkey New York Generalist Great pay and you learn a lot in just a few weeks about… Very stressful since I was commuting about two hours a day…


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