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Euro Pacific Canada is a full service IIROC registered brokerage headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and specializing in foreign markets and securities. Our investment strategy follows advice laid out by Euro Pacific Capital’s† Chief Global Strategist, Peter Schiff, an internationally recognized economist and financial analyst. Through their Euro Pacific investment consultants, our clients receive advice about foreign securities that may simply not be offered by discount brokerage firms. See The Euro Pacific Advantage.

Peter Schiff is recognized for spotting trends long before mainstream analysts. Euro Pacific Canada clients benefit from Peter Schiff’s leadership of an experienced and diverse team of managers, researchers, consultants and support staff – a team literally scanning the globe for investment opportunities.

†Euro Pacific Canada has an exclusive Canadian license agreement with Peter Schiff and Euro Pacific Capital. Peter Schiff is not an officer, employee or director of Euro Pacific Canada.



130 King Street West
United States

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