Investment Banking Analyst

1st Year Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Investment Banking

United States

Interviewed: October 2011

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Very Positive



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Less than 1 month

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Phone Interview
1 on 1 Interview
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Coming from a non-target, I leveraged the connections of my university's business school dean. She passed my resume along to a director at EB&Co. and upon review, the same day I was offered a phone interview to take place the following day (a Tuesday). The phone interview was comprised of a mix of fit and technical questions, starting with fit, and was being held by a first year analyst and an associate. The typical fit questions were asked, including (i) can you tell me a bit about yourself, (ii) why investment banking, (iii) why EB&Co., (iv) why Richmond? Next I was asked three technical questions: (i) explain what EBITDA is and how it is used in valuing a company, (ii) what are the three financial statements and how do they interconnect, and (iii) what is typically the largest non-cash item found on the cash flow statement? The entire phone interview lasted about 30 minutes and shortly after, I was invited to attend a Superday which was to take place Friday of that week, i.e. three days after my phone interview. Fairly standard Superday. There was a welcome dinner on Thursday night with roughly 12 candidates and five bankers in attendance. Interviews began on Friday morning at 9:00, and lasted 30 minutes each. I interviewed two managing directors, two directors, a VP, two associates, and one analyst. Everyone was very friendly and enjoyable to speak with. Shortly after leaving the office, I received a phone call from the two managing directors that I had spoken with just hours prior inviting me to join the team.

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