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G-2 Trading and its predecessor firms have navigated successfully through nearly 20 years of bull and bear markets, and momentous financial changes.

In 1991, Ron Shear, our chairman, founded a new firm at the forefront of the developing electronic trading world. Ron believed that a firm serving professional traders could be developed using his skills and the relationships he developed over a 25-year Wall Street career which included memberships on ten major Exchanges. That firm, Generic Trading, was the first of several firms created by Ron, which prospered and grew into Carlin Financial Group (CFG).

CFG prospered by providing advanced technological tools for individual and institutional traders. Its technology, expertise, and quality client base attracted the attention of Royal Bank of Canada, which acquired it in 2007. The professional trading group became the RBC Professional Trader Group.

In 2009, Ron joined with David Abramson and Greg Fortunoff to lead the company he founded, and to bring its professional traders in to a successor firm which would carry forward the original, highly successful vision of responsiveness to the technological and support needs of the most demanding professional traders - that firm is G-2 Trading.



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