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Our team has a platform usually found only in large, national organizations.

We have financial accounting and tax professionals with Big Four backgrounds to assist in optimizing value

We have a staff of M&A, capital formation and other transaction professionals. We also have access to a full range of related services through our affiliated organizations, including the resources of an AmLaw 200 law firm with significant transactional experience

We have the ability to provide, through our affiliated companies, swap and derivative consulting and other skills sets to our advisory clients to the extent desired

We have made a substantial investment in analytical, modeling and research talent and in transactional and industry-specific databases and other research tools
Our platform provides our clients with the breadth and depth of services generally not found among investment banks and provides work product which is better researched, analyzed and modeled with a degree of creativity found only larger firms.

Members of our team include experienced senior executives of large and mid-sized companies who managed businesses principally in the industries we serve.

A former chairman and CEO of a $18 billion bank holding company
A former chairman and CEO of one of the largest health care organizations in Pennsylvania
A former CFO of a $90 billion financial institution
A former partner in a private equity firm
A former CEO and CFO of an acute care hospital
A former Senior Vice President of Corporate Development of a large regional bank
A former manager of loan administration at a large regional bank
A former executive vice president of an emerging Internet venture serving the financial services industry
With Griffin, clients deal with professionals who understand their business and its challenges and opportunities from their perspective, and who are therefore better able to execute on a basis consistent with client goals and objectives.

Members of our team have over 150 years of combined transaction-related experience and have completed transactions with a value of over $30 billion over the past 10 years. Our team includes the former CEO of a $17 billion bank holding company and former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and the former CEO of Philadelphia Capital Advisors and the founder and CEO of the former Berwind Financial Group. Also among our team are transaction professionals with experience at other national and regional investment banks, commercial banks and other professional firms.

Our senior managers have hands-on involvement with respect to each engagement. Our clients receive strategic advice and execution from seasoned, deal-savvy professionals.

Members of our team possess a multitude of skill sets usually not found within an investment bank.

Our team members include licensed CPAs with Big Four experience, principally in the audit area and in financial accounting for merger and acquisition transactions
Many of our team members have earned MBAs
Many of our team members have earned advanced degrees in federal income tax and have significant experience in M&A taxation
Many of our team members have earned law degrees and have considerable experience in successfully initiating and closing M&A transactions
Our team includes a London School-trained economist
Our unique blend of diverse education and experience means that our clients receive advice, not only with a financial focus, but also with a strategic, tax, financial accounting, legal and consulting focus not found in traditional investment banking firms. This permits us to work with your existing professionals to provide you with seamless service.

Because of the experience and the diverse occupational and educational backgrounds of our team, we possess broad and deep relationships with senior, mezzanine and private equity financing sources of all types and sizes, as well as the CEOs and CFOs of the companies in the industry segments we serve.

Through us, our clients are able to access those who are in positions to help them realize their objectives.

The combination of our transactional and industry experience, our diverse educational and occupational backgrounds, our research and analytical platform and our commitment to think outside the box permits us to consistently deliver customized, creative solutions.


620 Freedom Business Center, Suite 210, P.O. Box 61926, 19406 PA
United States
485 Madison Avenue, 20th Floor, 10022 NY
United States

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