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Headlands Technologies LLC is a global quantitative trading company based in San Francisco and Chicago. Founded in July 2009, Headlands Technologies develops and implements quantitative trading strategies in exchange-traded financial products, such as equities and other securities. Headlands Technologies is a privately funded company and does not accept outside investors.


155 N Wacker Drive, Suite 1980, 60606 IL
United States
4 Embarcadero Center, 94111 CA
United States

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Headlands Technologies LLC Interview Questions

Job Title
1st Year Analyst
Year 2020
Job Title 1st Year Analyst
Group/Division Markets
Location Chicago
Experience Positive
Difficulty Very Difficult
1st Year Associate
Year 2020
Job Title 1st Year Associate
Group/Division Prop Trading
Location Washington D.C., DC, USA
Experience Neutral
Difficulty Very Difficult