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Huron Capital is a leading private equity firm investing in lower middle-market companies. Our firm has raised and manages over $600 million in equity through three private equity funds, The Huron Fund, L.P. ($72 million, vintage-2000), The Huron Fund II, L.P. ($185 million, vintage-2005), and The Huron Fund III, L.P. ($350 million, vintage-2008). We will invest up to $70 million in equity to sponsor management buyouts, corporate spin-offs, recapitalizations, family successions and buy & build strategies of well-positioned companies having revenues up to $200 million.

The cornerstone of our strategy is to combine our operational approach, capital and transaction experience with proven management teams who have the vision, expertise and commitment to successfully grow their businesses. Together, we seek to acquire or recapitalize niche manufacturers, value-added distributors and specialty service companies. Generally, these companies have annual revenues of up to $200 million, hold strong niche market positions and have identifiable growth opportunities.

We customize our transactions to meet each owner’s liquidity, diversification and tax objectives. We work quickly and confidentially to avoid disruption to the business.


(416) 234-1980, Ontario
4 King Street West, Suite 1300, M5H 1B6
(313) 962-5820, Detroit - Headquarters
500 Griswold, Suite 2700, 48226 MI
United States

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