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Interviewed: May 2013

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Phone Interview
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Found an ad on school careers website. Sent my application via e-mail, they got back to me in about three weeks with a first phone interview invitation. The interview was scheduled in three days and lasted for about half an hour. I was interviewed by an associate consultant, who asked the regular questions such as the resume walk, why consulting and why life sciences and a simple estimation case. Got an invite on to the second round three days later. Since I was abroad, they couldn't do an assessment day, so they decided to do another phone interview instead. This time it was scheduled about ten days later. Interviewed with another associate consultant, similar questions as in the first one just with a different person. This time the case was longer and a bit more complicated resembling a real business situation case. I was a bit surprised by the amount of brainstorming (vs. analysis and structuring) I was required to do, but in overall it went alright and was not too difficult. Got my offer exactly a week after the interview. Generally speaking it was one of the most laid back recruitment process I've gone through lasting about 1,5 months.

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Associate (Vice President)

Goldman Sachs 2016 CHICAGO

Quantitative Strategist (Vice President)

Morgan Stanley 2020 NA

Risk Management (Vice President)

TD Bank 2019 New York

interest rates swaps trader (Vice President)

Barclays Capital 2016 New York

Quantitative Investment Strategies (Vice President)

Goldman Sachs 2013 New York