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Intelligo Capital Corporation is a privately owned group of investment companies located in the Province of Ontario, Canada. The group was formed in May 2000.

The Intelligo investment strategy focus is on the following markets: foreign exchange, fixed income, selective equity products & exchange traded index futures.

The Intelligo fund offers diversification with a high level of risk management and managing the risks is one of the key aspects of the Intelligo trading style. Strict risk control parameters are maintained at all times in order to maximize return per unit of risk while limiting downsize risk. Flexibility in the fund is maintained by participating in the most liquid markets.

Intelligo, a name derived from the Latin, 'intelligens', to choose, and 'lego', between, is in the business of choosing between its targeted mix of products, to build an alternative investment portfolio that will provide consistent, profitable returns, which are non-correlated with those of traditional investment funds.



333 Wilson Avenue, Suite 204
Toronto M3H 1T2

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Intelligo Capital Corporation

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