1st Year Analyst at
Asset Management
September 2013
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This was a first round interview. It consisted of multiple one on one interviews with various people throughout the company that held various levels of seniority, from analyst to director. The main focus of the interview was to introduce the company to me and for me to introduce myself to the group. The questions were all fit based. The employees wanted to get a feel for me and my interest in real estate. The recruiter I was working with has a strong relationship with the company, and spoke to my technical skills.

I really enjoyed meeting the people at the firm. It seems that the company had a great working environment and the team their had a great work/life balance. The company has done some pretty big deals so analyst get a lot of deal experience.

I have a skewed view of the normal recruiting process due to mine being different, but I would advise anyone looking to join the firm to make sure you have a passion for the industry. You will be able to tell that everyone there has a passion for real estate. If you can get across your passion for the industry and stay genuine in the interview process, you should be fine. I do not have any insight into the technical side of the interview process, but the company uses a lot of Argus to do their valuations. So having a strong experience in, and understanding of, Argus will give you a huge leg up on the competition.
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Associate (Vice President)
Goldman Sachs, CHICAGO, 2016
Trader (Vice President)
HSBC, New York, 2022
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Morgan Stanley, New York, 2021
Vp (Vice President)
Morgan Stanley, New York, 2021
Quantitative Strategist (Vice President)
Morgan Stanley, NA, 2020

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