Stockbroker Intern

Group/Division/Type: Sales and Trading

New York, NY
United States

Interviewed: August 2014

Overall experience

Very Negative


Very Easy

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Declined Offer

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Applied Online

Length of Process

Less than 1 month

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Phone Interview
1 on 1 Interview
Skills Test
IQ / Intelligence Test
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For starters, I could only find the office because they had a piece of printer paper outside the door with the words "JH Darbie & Co" written on it. Probably not a great sign but what the hell, I was already here. Sat up front for 15 minutes before someone resembling a secretary showed up and handed me a packet, saying I had thirty minutes to complete it. So here I am dressed up in my suit ready to interview, sitting in a chair in the lobby trying to take a test I didn't even know about. The test is a total joke. "How do you cut a birthday cake into 8 pieces using only 3 cuts? How would you escape from a blender if you were shrunk and put inside it? How far is it from here to Russia?". At this point I'm wondering if I even showed up to the right office... A few questions somewhat resembling finance sprinkled in and I was done.

I sat out in the lobby for another 15 minutes before someone comes out to shake my hand and bring me to the back. This office is a wreck. Boxes all over the place, trash in the floor. The computers in this place are straight out of the '90s, they looked so old and fragile I'm not sure you could get Minesweeper to run on them. We walk back to what I assume used to be a storage closet and they ask me to take a seat in the only chair in the room.

These two clowns then proceed to rant on and on about how "prestigious" this program is and how they don't just let anybody in (Update: Turns out they actually do). They ask me a couple of totally off-the-wall finance definitions in an attempt to stump me and then patronize me when I get one of them wrong. They continue to talk down to me while one of them attempts to brag about how much money flows through this place. Clearly not enough, to get working A/C or fix this broken chair I'm sitting in but oh well. By the end of this ridiculous spiel, they offer me the job. I told them I'd get back to them and left. AVOID THIS PLACE At ALL COSTS, total waste of time.

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