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KnifeCap is a Southern African growth equity fund manager focusing on technology-enabled ventures for a sustainable impact on innovation, job creation and growth.
We believe that tomorrow's largest investment gains will be achieved by companies that are active in solving today's problems. Therefore, our strongest investment interest is in companies which, through technology and innovative management, seem capable of turning African solutions into successful businesses.
The best way to achieve investment success is through a process that emphasizes substantial experience in investment selection and involvement with management after the investment. We are investing our experience, skills and contacts, as well as investment funds in an attempt to contribute meaningfully to the success of the portfolio companies. We don't pretend to know the answers to every issue and dilemma that entrepreneurs will face, but we do believe that because of our networks we are no more than three phone calls away from a person who can help with virtually every challenge that will confront an African high-growth technology enabled company.
We are the link between credible investors and high-growth small to mid-cap companies.
We back passionate entrepreneurs that have unique and scalable business concepts that are already commercialized.
We become actively involved in each company invested in and thereby ensure ongoing risk mitigation.
Companies selected for investment ultimately need to yield superior capital appreciation for investors on exit.
These companies need to demonstrate a sustainable impact on innovation, job creation and growth of Southern Africa.
We strive to continuously develop the ecosystem for high-growth innovative companies in Southern Africa.
Knife Capital (formerly PoweredbyVC) is a licensed Financial Services Provider


23 Columbine Road, Cape Town 7700
South Africa

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