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KSL Capital Partners was formed in 2005 by Michael S. Shannon and Eric C. Resnick, who currently serve as the firm’s Managing Directors. Mr. Shannon was a founding principal of KSL Recreation Corporation in 1992 as a portfolio company of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Over the next decade, with the assistance of Mr. Resnick as its Chief Financial Officer and KKR, KSL Recreation grew to become one of the largest independent owner and operators of resorts, controlling some of the most well known destinations in the world. KSL Recreation, which at the time included such resorts as the Grand Wailea in Maui, the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, La Quinta PGA West in Palm Springs, and the Doral in Miami, was sold in 2004 to CNL Hotels & Resorts for $2.4 billion. At the time, this transaction was one of the largest ever completed in the hotel industry.

In addition to Mike Shannon and Eric Resnick, the firm is currently led by Steven Siegel, Richard Weissmann, Craig Henrich, Peter McDermott, Martin Newburger and Bernard Siegel, and presently employs 23 investment professionals in Denver and New York.

The firm’s capital is funded by a combination of public state and corporate pension funds, private and university endowments, high net worth individuals, fund of funds and other financial institutions.


100 Fillmore Street, Suite 600, 80206 CO
United States
287 Bowman Avenue, 3rd Floor, 10577 NY
United States

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1st Year Associate
Year 2014
Job Title 1st Year Associate
Group/Division Real Estate
Location Denver