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Lightview Capital is a private equity firm that invests in profitable, capital efficient business services companies in North America. We principally target bootstrapped and founder-owned companies, corporate divestitures and recapitalization transactions. Since the mid-1990s, Lightview Capital founders have successfully led direct investments of over $250 million in more than 20 growth companies. To date, over half of those investments have led to IPOs or strategic exits yielding a combined enterprise value in excess of $1 billion. Over the course of their combined 50+ years of experience they have founded and managed both operating businesses and investment firms where they were instrumental in raising over $500 million in capital from leading institutional investors that included university endowments, pension funds, family offices and funds.


35 Beechwood Rd, Suite 2B, 3rd Floor, 07901 NJ
United States

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Lightview Capital Interview Questions

Job Title
Year 2016
Job Title Intern
Group/Division Private Equity
Location New York
Experience Neutral
Difficulty Average