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Linwood Capital is an energy price risk management consulting firm. We work primarily with large institutional consumers of petroleum, natural gas, and electricity to:

Manage energy budget risk,
Reduce overall energy costs in the long-term,
Reduce the volatility of energy costs, and
Increase the certainty of future energy costs.
We design and manage customized programs for our clients based on their energy price risk management needs and objectives. Through the application of our proprietary process, we balance the desire for low cost energy with the need to avoid unwanted energy market price risk associated with higher prices.

On a daily basis and in light of the energy market environment, a client's customized program answers the questions:

How much do we need to be hedged?
For what future time periods should we be hedged?
At what price should we be hedging?
Why are we hedging?
The client's program prescribes specific market action to be taken to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Regular reporting to clients on market transactions, reduction in energy cost volatility, and expected costs is an integral part of Linwood's client service.



120 South Sixth Street, Suite 2320
Minneapolis, MN 55402
United States

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