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How much does Long Point Capital pay?

Base range: $55,000 - $55,000

For this salary and bonus range, Low is the 10th Percentile and High is the 90th Percentile. These ranges are from employer specific salaries submitted by WSO members.

Bonus range: $30,000 - $30,000

Long Point Capital pays an average salary of $55,000 per year. This base compensation is the equivalent of $28 per hour assuming a 40 hour work week (2,000 hours per year). The actual average hours worked per week at Long Point Capital based on our data is actually 40 hours, which would bring down the true effective hourly rate to $29 on average. If you include the average bonus of $30,000, then the total average pay at Long Point Capital would be $85,000 per year or $44 per hour at the 40 hour work week.

There's a wide range between what the company pays the top 20 percent and the bottom 20 percent of earners. This is largely dependent on seniority and location. Long Point Capital pays the highest-paid employees over $85,000 a year, while the lowest-paid employees are paid less than $85,000. Long Point Capital employees in different groups or divisions tend to have different salaries as well.

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