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MAM Funds plc (MAMF) is the parent company of a fund management group trading under Midas Capital Partners and Miton Asset Management, with a stable of fund brands – Miton, Midas and Acuim. MAMF has offices in Reading, Liverpool and London.

MAM are fundamentally asset allocators, driven by a top down approach to investing. The advantage of starting from a macro perspective, they believe, is that shifts in government policy, interest rates etc will in turn affect financial instruments such as equities, bonds or currencies. By anticipating changes in the global economic outlook and identifying the key drivers of markets they believe that over the longer term they can enhance the returns for investors throughout a variety of market and economic conditions. Very often they notice themes or trends emerging and aim to get ahead of these trends.

Although their investment philosophy is driven by asset allocation they are mindful of both technical and fundamental analysis when constructing their portfolios. MAM's investment team start their analysis from a top down perspective but employ diverse styles when it comes to portfolio construction, dependent upon the underlying fund objective.



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