Business Analyst

1st Year Analyst

St. Louis, MO
United States

Interviewed: March 2012

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Employee Referral

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2-3 months

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1 on 1 Interview
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The interview started with a brief phone conversation with a Director, asking questions about my familiarity with various modeling methods, databases and programming skills. After we chatted about what classes I was taking at the time and my favorite things to do to chill- he ended it by transferring me to the secretary to set up an in person interview.

I came in a few weeks later for my in person interview. The interview was rough, I was told to brush up on my models, and come with my game face. During the interview the partner proposed several hypothetical situations and asked me to describe my response and the contributing factors to my reasoning. Then he asked how I would expect a given economic shock to ripple through the economy. What would be the largest effects, etc.

I was offered the internship a month later, and after proving my mettle, given a job offer at the end of the stint as an intern.

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