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M.M. Dillon & Co. believes that growth enterprises including public companies, privately owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the middle market require personalized, high-quality investment banking expertise. Most of the large Wall Street firms, including the bulge-bracket investment banks, depend on large clients and transactions to support high-cost infrastructures and cannot afford to invest the time and skilled professionals required to service the middle market. Middle-market boutique advisory firms, on the other hand, often lack the investment banking experience and the execution professionals required to guide their clients through complex situations and transactions - precisely the time when their clients need them most.

Our strategy is to fill this gap with a truly full service investment bank. We assist middle-market growth clients in all situations, whether they need advice in completing a merger or acquisition transaction or assistance raising financing on attractive terms. Our team was formed eight years ago by a group of senior Wall Street executives to complement the existing sales, trading and research business of CRT Capital Group from which we were spun from two years ago. M.M. Dillon & Co. investment bankers uniquely have the independence to complete any corporate transaction.


Fl 3, CT
United States

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