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Monitor helps organizations grow. They work with leading corporations, governments and social sector organizations around the world on the growth issues that are most important to them.
Growth is a complicated problem. It involves identifying new opportunities through creativity and insight; it also involves the hard work of removing the barriers to growth that build up over time in any organization. It’s about knowing where to grow, but also how to overcome what holds you back.
They partner with client organizations as their integrated resource for growth. The results are impressive: we typically double the rates of growth of their clients’ businesses. How do they do this? Since their founding in 1983 by six entrepreneurs, including Harvard professor Michael Porter, they have invested heavily in developing leading-edge ideas, approaches, and methods—and in making them practical for clients to use on their toughest problems and biggest opportunities. They have also invested in learning about how to apply these ideas in client organizations and how best to work with clients to achieve the results they seek.
Monitor offers a portfolio of strategic advisory, capability-building, and capital services for clients seeking to grow top- and bottom-line performance, shareholder value, the skills of their people and organizations, and their social impact. By bringing all these services to bear, they partner with their clients to generate sustainable growth.


Two Canal Park, 02141 MA
United States

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