Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor
at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Group/Division/Type: Wealth Management

City: Morristown, United States

Interviewed: June 2012

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Less than 1 month

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Very straight forward, are you comfortable pitching HNWIs? Tell me about your network of people you would be prospecting, Why do you think you would be successful building a book of business... Interview was very focused on 'soft skills' and probing questions about how affluent your family, friends... are. I've interviewed for much more demanding positions in research and trading, and this was far and away the easiest interview i've ever been on. As long as you're articulate, are passionate about asset gathering and have a good practical knowledge of asset management you shouldn't have a problem. Had to take two timed online finance tests, multiple background checks (CRD/U-4 from previous firm), drug test, references - pretty much standard stuff. One thing that was different from all my other interviews and former positions I held, here, it pays to be a bit cocky (not full-blown arrogant), it shows you have the comfort/confidence to pitch wealthy clients and the interviewer won't worry about timidity.

What were the most difficult or unexpected interview questions asked?

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