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New Mountain Capital, together with its affiliates ("New Mountain"), manages private equity and public equity capital with aggregate assets under management totaling more than $8.5 billion 1. New Mountain's first private equity fund, the $770 million New Mountain Partners, L.P., began its investment period in January 2000. New Mountain's second private equity fund, the $1.55 billion New Mountain Partners II, L.P., began its investment period in January 2005. New Mountain's third private equity fund, New Mountain Partners III, L.P., with over $5.1 billion of aggregate commitments, began its investment period in August 2007. New Mountain manages public equity portfolios through New Mountain Vantage Advisers, LLC ("Vantage"). Vantage is designed to apply New Mountain's established strengths as an acquirer and builder of businesses toward non-control positions in the U.S. public equity markets generally.

New Mountain's mission is to be "best in class" in the new generation of private and public equity managers as measured by returns, control of risk, service to our limited partners and the quality of the businesses we build. New Mountain's private equity efforts emphasize "investor value added" and growth, rather than debt, as the correct way to generate exceptional returns. All of New Mountain's efforts emphasize intensive fundamental research; the proactive creation of proprietary investment advantages in carefully selected industry sectors; and a proven ability to help managements improve their businesses after the firm's investment is made. New Mountain is a generalist firm but has developed particular competitive advantages in the most attractive sectors of education, health care, logistics, specialty chemicals and materials, business services, federal IT services, media, software, insurance, consumer products, financial services and technology, infrastructure and energy. New Mountain is systematically establishing new sectors of competitive advantage over time.



787 7th Avenue
49th Floor
New York, NY 10019
United States

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